Renault Vs Opel

As  I said in the previous article, on my blog we will see « the war without mercy » and I have an excellent example to show you !

Since few days the french audience can see the new advertising of  Renault Berline the giant of the automotive industry. This campaign have for particularity to make fun of the big advertising campaign diffused since more than one year by its competitor Opel .

In the first time I let you watch one of the advertising of Opel.

This campaign has for objective to give a clear positioning in the mind of the customers, as to get out of the anonymous, have a stronger brand who can be locate easily in the automobile scene. The campaign use a very french supposition  : German car = Good quality. As are Volkswagen or BMW.

I think that the objective of the communication campaign has been reached. Indeed in one hand the audience liked it and the advertising was declined in different TV spot and in a second, now they have a positioning more assertive. Now when I hear Opel, I think German, I think reliable ( Deutsh Quality ), I think also fun and it is exactly what Opel has searched !

It’s important to know that Opel was considered as « the sick child » of the General Motor, it’s why they needed to create a new image : an emotional German brand ( to be different of VolksWagen the Rational German brand ) to reach their financial objective. A success because Opel has seen his market share slightly increase ( 7.2% for the first semester of 2010, 7.5% for the first semester of 2011).

This is where Renault arrives

Renault decided to attack the famous « Deutch Quality ». Indeed the french brand made fun of the german brand  turning away its campaign, its catchphrase

Renault took the key element but to conclude by the « French Quality ». Impossible to not seeing the copy, the mockery ! But is it really worth to do advertising like that ?

The France is a country were the advertising is rarely agressive, just few brands tried it like Leclerc or Norauto, so an advertising like that is always remarked ! For Renault it’s a good way to in one hand to  discredit the communication strategy of Opel and in a second hand to put in a first place quality of Renault too !

Personaly, I like the boldness of Renault, it’s always interesting when a brand play with the advertising. But can they really win Customer with this kind of TV spot ? I’m not sure it’s more an action for don’t loose customers like if they felt the danger,  isn’t it ?

And you, what do you think about it ?


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