Keeping Up with the Communication Strategy!

 Did you heard about it: Kim Kardashian and Kries Humphries getting a divorce!  They divorce 72 days after their wedding…72 days…not even 3 months…72 days,  honestly … Ok we aren’t here to judge but to talk about Communication and  obviously this wedding was just part of a communication plan.

We all know that Kim has a counselor for what she has to wear, what she has to  think and what she has to do. It’s why the sincerity of this short ( really short )  wedding can be questioned.

Take  one minute to think about it. She became famous after one sex tape diffused  on Internet, she doesn’t have any talent, she doesn’t have a career, all she can do it  is reality tv about her (and her family)!  This way of life do remember us someone,  isn’t it? Paris Hilton. The blond heiress, who is today the American personality the  most hated by the Americans (Reuters survey)! And Kim is already number 7 in this  ranking! It’s maybe for this reason that she needs a publicity stunt to boost her  « career », at the least her image.

So she gave us a wedding and now a divorce! In the same time she increases the amount of his bank account because the wedding brought back 18 millions of dollars ( 15 millions for broadcasting rights at television and 3 millions for the exclusive photos of the wedding).

We often say that today Wedding is an industry, it is a business and obviously some of us well understood it!

I told you everything is communication!


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