Enjoy Happiness

Today I would like to talk about the world famous brand Coca-Cola!

Coca Cola (part of The Coca-Cola Company) is probably one of the most appreciated brand , not a beverage, it’s a moment of pleasure, when you drink a Coke, as the catchphrase says you « Open Happiness ».

By the way « Coca-Cola » is the second most known word in the world. Everyday  1.5 billions of bottle are sale in the world, for sure this brand is powerful.

Nevertheless, its seems that often the brand has difficulties to modify his products, to make them evolved.

Remember, in years 80 Coca-Cola started to loose share market because of his biggest competitor: Pepsi-Cola. In fact one blind test between the two brands showed that a majority prefered the taste of Pespi. So Coca-Cola decided to improve his recipie and lauched in 1985 the New Coke « The Best just got Better »

But even if the new blind test showed that people prefered the taste of the New Coke against Pepsi-Cola, the New Coke was a terrible failure and disapeared few month after! Even if the taste was better customers didn’t appreciate this change, this evolution

Today Coca-Cola seems to have the same problem.

Indeed for Christmas 2011, Coca-Cola decided to create new cans (in parternship with WWF)  for his Coca-Cola Classic

But one month after the launch, Coca-Cola have to withdraw from the sale these cans after a lot of protestation!

Once again, customers didn’t appreciate this change for 3 reasons

– The color is too similar to the Diet Coke ( which is traditionaly silver). Customers can confused Classic Coke and Diet Coke

– A lot affirmed that the taste is different in the white cans, the taste depends on the packaging

– Fans say that touch the color red of the Classic Coke is blasphemous

So, in the same time Coca-Cola is one of the most powerful brand but Coca-Cola is also prisoner of it success, of it fans who sanctify this brand and sometimes prevents it from change because « Coke must taste and look like Coke always has« .

Sources  http://www.businessinsider.com/coca-cola-abandons-white-polar-bear-can-2011-12#ixzz1fetCHaYl

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